About Us

In the global world, metal and iron, which are the most weighted inputs in the industry. YZ FORM METAL brings a different perspective to the iron-steel industry in the process of procuring from uninterrupted and reliable sources and presents a new approach that offers innovative solutions.

We aim at maximum customer satisfaction by combining our 20 years of experience with our dynamic structure.

Our company supplies the needs of the field and its customers, in contrast to the monotonous and planned investments in the sector, without considering the customer’s needs. YZ FORM METAL implements your projects with a high standard and high quality understanding in procurement.

Our Corporate Policies

With 20 years of experience, we process metal and iron, which are the most basic inputs of industry and production, in a sustainable, innovative and dynamic way.

  1. Our Quality Policy

    We believe in the importance of innovation and change to be a leader. For this reason, we see continuous improvement as a fundamental value. The most basic input of all our processes is our production philosophy. We have determined this philosophy as quality-oriented production.

  2. Our Human Resources Policy

    Our most important resource is our employees. It is our duty to continuously support the training and development of our employees. It is our behavior to keep the satisfaction and motivation of our employees at the highest level by taking the initiative and being a partner in the solution.

Our Mission

To be a specialized steel producer in the sector, with the ability to create sustainable value, shaping stakeholder expectations thanks to its competitiveness and innovation.

Our Vision

Providing services at international standards to our domestic and international business partners; We want to be a world company in the sector that produces value-added solutions with the right technologies, adapts rapidly to technological developments, keeps user and employee satisfaction at the highest level with its superior service quality and understanding, and is preferred in the first degree..


ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 9001:2015